Virtualize Your Ride

Create an online instance of your vehicle. Vehicles exist within YouTorque as they do in the real world. You are able to add/remove parts, upload images, transfer to other users, and much more!

Vehicle Build Logs

Every action performed on your vehicle using YouTorque is automatically tracked in the vehicle's log. Examples of such actions include installing parts, gaining crowd members, uploading images, posting for sale in showroom, transferring to another user. Since YouTorque keeps this vehicle log it is possible to locate vehicles you used to own and see the path they have taken since leaving your possession.

Sharing Made Easy

YouTorque's simple URL structure allows for super simple sharing of each vehicle's profile. In fact we even provide each vehicle profile with a unique QR code which links directly to it. This QR code then becomes quite useful when going to car shows and races. Judges, race techs, and spectators can simply scan a QR code and have a detailed list of modifications. (A simple security interface is available for individuals not wishing to display this data at all times)

Join the Crowd

Find a vehicle you really like? Each vehicle profile can be added to your watch list. Once added you can filter the showroom search results by vehicles you are currently watching, as well as receive instant updates of changes made to each vehicle.

Create an Inventory

Have parts lying around that are un-installed? Upload them to your garage along with images, receipts, and prices paid. Now you have your own private searchable inventory! Decide to sell some of your parts? Maybe you upgraded your wheels and you're looking to ditch the old ones? Since you already have the parts in your garage, just flip the "For Sale" switch and your part becomes searchable by everyone via YouTorque Swapmeet!

Community Focused Parts Store

YouTorque Swapmeet gives users the ability to list their items for sale with the same precision as multimillion dollar conglomerate parts stores. Users are able to specify exact vehicle placement for parts they wish to sell, drastically increasing their visibility. Users can then search for parts for specific vehicles all the way down to a specific trim level. No more digging through classified listings for hours on end trying to find a good deal on a part.

Advanced Trading Engine

Do you like to trade vehicles? Tired of contacting people who have no interest in what you have to trade? Whenever a user lists a vehicle for trade at YouTorque they have the option of listing specific vehicles that they are looking to trade for. Why should you care? The Swapmeet search engine gives users the ability to specify the vehicle they have for trade and only display vehicles that the current owner is wishing to trade for what you have!

It's Up to YOU!

YouTorque is a community which is truly driven by what you drive. It provides all functionality to YOU, the user, free of charge. However, it's success depends on it's growth. It is up to YOU to spread the word.